Grown In is convening, in conjunction with local cannabis trade groups, a series of business meetings between cultivators and wholesale buyers, processors and dispensaries. These one-day long meetings are invitation-only, for plant-touching business operators and purchasing managers, as well as sponsors invited by Grown In.

Modeled on a pair of successful events conducted in Chicago and Springfield, Illinois in September 2022, the Cannabis Business Conference Series emphasizes working with local organizations to increase engagement, seeks partnerships with diverse businesses in each state, and creates an environment for companies to hold private business meetings to begin longer term working relationships.

Co-hosted by Michigan Cannabis Industry Association and West Michigan Cannabis Guild.
Ann Arbor, December 14, 2022
Grand Rapids, December 15, 2022 
MassachusettsWorcester, January 18, 2023
IllinoisChicago, March 2023 
Champaign, March 2023
New YorkNew York City, April 2023 
Syracuse, April 2023

These events are limited to cannabis operators and their designated purchasing managers.

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The center of each event will be the exhibition space. Each cultivator and sponsor will receive a presentation table which can be customized to their needs. Attendees will be told in advance which companies will be at the exhibition and can learn more about each in virtual company showcases built by Grown In.

Private Meeting Space

Private, pre-scheduled meetings are available for cultivators. Meetings are pre-scheduled, based on pre-event information gathering to ensure the optimal potential for a business match. The private space is “yours for the day”; decorate with your brand, stage your gear in a safe place, convene for team huddles, and decompress in private as you pack up.


In collaboration with a diverse group of co-hosts with local credibility, we plan between 3-6 hours of programming for each day. Quality of content is most important and this drives both the number and focus of presentations. Speakers will focus on how-to and explainers. “Pay-to-play” sponsorships are not available.

Food and Drink

The event will include basic food and beverages, limited to snacks and coffee, tea, water. Please make sure to bring or plan to refill a water bottle. If you know, in advance, that you will

want to eat a significant meal during the day, we will provide a list of local food options.


Grown In will seek to partner with local trade groups, state regulators, and diverse business groups to improve attendance, find appropriate local participants, and raise the quality of presentations.

Attendee Surveys

In order to ensure maximum event value, each dispensary and processor attendee will be required to complete a survey. Key information shared includes the status of their business, volume of annual sales, and desired products and supply chain partnerships they seek. This information, as well as contact information for every attendee will be provided to sponsors and attending cultivators.

Details on hotel discounts, load-in, and conference set-up will be provided in the coming weeks.

Questions? Email Brad Spirrison at