Gridiron ganja and the Cannabis Freedom Party, Cannabis Innovation Lab public events and more… 

Jim McMahon and Kyle Turley seek to hit legislative paydirt with Cannabis Freedom Party When the punky QB hits the cannabis advocacy field he has many plans.  This week in Las Vegas National Football League legend Jim McMahon is embracing  a tongue-in-cheek presidential campaign alongside fellow wounded warrior  / cannabis brand icon Kyle Turley on […]

Careers in Cannabis: Michelle Ringold of Galaxy Labs, a panel on AgTech and THC

When Galaxy Labs opens its Chicago area dispensary on February 15, it will be among a small handful of minority-owned and independent vertically-integrated cannabis operators in the state (and country).  In today’s edition of Careers in Cannabis, partners in business and in life Michelle and Rick Ringold share how they incorporate decades of entrepreneurial, military […]

Is cannabis rescheduling a political imperative for the Biden administration? 

Three years ago this week when Joe Biden was sworn in as president, the United States cannabis industry was living in groovy times.  Valuations for publicly traded operators were booming with speculation that a Biden administration – along with democrats controlling both chambers of congress – would in short order normalize cannabis commerce via rescheduling, […]

Changes in cannabis regulation will unlock industry innovation

Individuals and enterprises that persevere through the myriad of legal, economic and societal roadblocks in the cannabis industry today are in luck. For reals.  The bass-ackwards way in which the industry is regulated will soon change for the better.   If it’s not rescheduling cannabis from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule 3 Substance (where the […]

Running on weed, David Martin’s career in cannabis, and Cannabis Innovation Lab public sessions for January

Runners high, it seems, is a real thing in more ways than one.  Sparking up ahead of a run may lead to higher motivation while completing a workout, according to a recently published study from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  “Cannabis before exercise seems to increase positive mood and enjoyment during exercise,” says Laurel […]

Careers in Cannabis: J.T. Stinnette’s revitalizing journey to Community Cannabis

Four years after applying for multiple licenses in Illinois, J.T. Stinnette and her team at Community Cannabis in October went to market with one of the first African American-owned brands to serve the maturing Illinois adult-use market.  “My journey as a serial entrepreneur is filled with triumphs and setbacks which have contributed to a unique […]

1871 Cannabis Innovation Lab alum CannMenus acquires Canada-based startup

Entrepreneurship in isolation is a challenge, believes CannMenus co-founder Vib Gupta. “The journey of being a founder is super lonely,” said Gupta, who’s company found some canna-camaraderie as a participant of the first business accelerator cohort of Cannabis Innovation Lab earlier this year.    Chicago-based CannMenus – which provides menus and analytics for cannabis retailers and brands – earlier […]

Illinois craft grow expansion passes key Illinois committee

The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules for the Illinois General Assembly (JCAR) on December 12 passed a rule that if enacted into law would enable Illinois Craft Growers to expand to 14,000 square feet of canopy. The current limit is 5,000 square feet.  “We’re ecstatic that the state is allowing us to expand and we […]

Photo Gallery: Grown In’s 4th Birthday Party at OKAY Cannabis

An afternoon of professional collaboration over cannabis consumption  We appreciate all of the Grown In readers and canna-collaborators who joined us December 7 at Okay! Cannabis in Wheeling for our four-year anniversary soiree.  A diverse mix of industry operators from Ascend Wellness Holdings, Cresco Labs and several social equity startups joined venture capitalists, founders from […]


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