3 Critical Cannabis Issues Chicago’s Next Mayor Must Address

There is a cannabis conundrum in Chicago as the city’s registered voters line up to elect its next mayor by April 4.  Home to a critical mass of cannabis corporations, including Cresco Labs, Green Thumb Industries, Verano Holdings, PharmaCann, and a reasonable portion of Curaleaf (through the MA-based company’s 2020 acquisition of Grassroots Cannabis), Chicago […]

Top U.S. Cannabis Corporations are Actively Selling to New Illinois Operators

Every boom and bust cycle begins to bloom again. The economics of the U.S. cannabis industry circa 2023 are a real buzzkill, in many ways similar to the post dot-com Internet scene of 2001. In both cases, an ascending yet unproven sector flooded with cash from financial speculators runs out of money seemingly overnight. Companies […]

5 ways to create and cultivate commercial connections in cannabis

One of the great joys and benefits of working in any ascending industry such as cannabis is the opportunity to continually serve as a teacher to others while learning from the expertise of those who arrived ever so slightly before you.  Beyond an appreciation of the plant and its self-evident benefits to our health and […]

Cost of capital predicated on existing cannabis cash flow

Even in this tough economic climate, cannabis operators can secure deals if they’re able to illustrate to financiers that their new capital will be deployed efficiently towards growth expansion and they are willing to accept today’s market terms. Case in point is the $35 million debt facility secured last month by Massachusetts-based multistate operator MariMed, […]

3 Tips to Secure Funding from Cannabis Investors

With limited equity capital available for newly licensed operators and cannabis technology startups, there is no room for making errors when it comes to pitching investors. Here are a few key tips experienced professionals have to help you powerfully present your company to secure new funding. Believe in Yourself The cannabis space is interesting because […]

Social Consumption and the Next Frontier for Legal Cannabis Commercialization

While legal U.S. cannabis sales are projected to exceed $50 billion by 2026, economic expansion for the industry will truly flourish when the plant is permitted to be legally consumed at scale in social settings.  Before we begin to see Super Bowl commercials with taglines such as “this bud’s for you” or “it’s marijuana time”, […]

3 Fresh Approaches Experts Suggest for Overcoming the Safe Banking Stalemate

While federal cannabis banking reform nearly passed last month, proposed regulations crafted to relieve cash-starved operators licensed in nearly 40 states are not yet a high enough priority to enough Senators to be baked into law.  Industry experts point to three pathways that could achieve at least incremental progress toward sunsetting antiquated and misguided regulations […]

Coming Together to Address Cannabis Industry Issues

We’re halfway into the inaugural week of Cannabis Innovation Lab, where Grown In and the nationally renowned innovation hub 1871 are convening industry experts and canna-curious investors with recently licensed Illinois operators and cannabis technology startups from around the world. Drawing from the captivating conversations we’ve had so far, one main throughline prevails: It’s difficult […]

Massachusetts looks to bolster aging medical market, as AU prices drop

Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission’s work to overhaul the state’s medical cannabis regulations remain underway, as they await January’s start of a new legislative session. While the agency waits for a fix to allow deverticalization among medical operators, the Commission and itsNew York state allows home grow for medical patients and caregiversCannabis Advisory Board are currently […]


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