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Latest Cannabis Use Cases

There’s a wide variety of situations in which a cannabis dispensary employee must swiftly and effectively process information, safeguard a client’s health information, and guide them through the sales experience. Employees must be well trained to listen, make wise choices, and behave responsibly. Play along to see if you find the obvious, or not so obvious issues which emerge within these scenarios:

When a conversation is not enough: Actions speak louder than words
BOGO not NoGo – Importance of Origin to Destination
Hold the THC (or) Sometimes Less is More

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Need vs Want

Grown In Learning solves several problems:

Compliance Training

We provide a suite of Professional Growth courses and certifications for cannabis industry professionals. This includes Responsible Vendor Training and Cannabis Care (budtender excellence), HIPAA for Cannabis Companies, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Cultivation, and much more.

Professional Competency

Competency is not the same as compliance. Competency means learning through use cases and decision-tree mapping until an employee demonstrates excellence as a budtender and team member who listens, asks appropriate questions, looks for key information, knows the product and methods of delivery, and connects the dots in the moment.

Operational Flow

Operational Flow. So much time is wasted communicating with and chasing employees to do their training, troubleshooting, renewing certifications, as well as documenting the process ad-hoc or by a range of disparate team members. We cut all that out. We built a closed-loop system with pre-scheduled enrollment and renewal messaging, immediate certifications, and digital documentation. No more work headaches or blocked arteries.

Easy-access Documentation

Easy-access documentation. We use an open-URL system so that 100% of employee learning is transparent 24/7, 365. Every single certification earned by every single employee is available with the click of a button and is also printable.

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