Illinois approved an unprecedented 10,000 new medical cannabis patients during the month of May, bringing the total approved patients to 118,176, according to data released by the state. Illinois dispensaries provide special hours just for medical patients, are legally required to provide an “adequate supply” for medical patients through July 1, and collect fewer state taxes for medical patient purchases.

“We have seen the medical market making gains as the former medical-only dispensaries have incentive to sign up new patients in order to expand their adult-use sales, and the changes to the medical program during 2019 have reduced barriers for patients,” says Brightfield Group’s Andy Seeger. 

Seeger predicts medical cannabis use will soon decline in Illinois. “Medical markets have a record of growth during the first two to three years of a newly opened adult-use market as consumers and patients meet new products, but can then be seen to start to decline as many find the extra impediments to medical access to not be worth the benefits.”


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