Chair James Pepper addresses the Vermont Cannabis Control Board’s monthly meeting on Sept. 7, 2022.

As Vermont prepares for the launch of its adult use market, the state’ Cannabis Control Board announced during a Sept. 7 meeting, that it was in the process of finalizing a contract with a third party seed tracking software company.

“I know there’s a lot of questions about how to comply with the board’s record keeping and inventory tracking requirements,” said CCB Chair James Pepper. “We have developed specific data points that each licensee will need to track and report back to the board. We’re currently entering into a contract. It’s taking a little bit longer than expected to integrate this reporting and data entry aspect into our licensing portal so you have kind of a one-stop shop to report your inventory.”

The CCB has long hoped to launch the state’s adult use market by October, a goal Pepper indicated he was still optimistic about.

“We are getting very close on a few retail applications as well as the integrated license applications,” he said.

As of September 7, the state had approved 25 indoor cultivation licenses, 86 outdoor cultivation licenses, 41 mixed licenses, and 2 testing lab licenses.

The state could face supply issues early on, considering the large percentage of aspiring outdoor cultivators. The CCB recently switched their focus on approving outdoor operations to indoor operations, given the impending end of the grow season. Pepper also recently stated that the state would not penalize outdoor cultivators who had not yet been approved by licenses, as long as they operated their grow site within the confines of the state’s regulations.

“Bottom line, if you have a pending application, act and operate like you have a license, and we will too,” said Pepper in August.  

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