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Adults learn better through social interactions. Cannabis attracts social people.

Social learning, as I explained in EdSurge many moons ago, is the formula for professional success. This is particularly true for our ascending industry at this precise moment in time. 

Here’s why. 

  • While the wheels have not stopped in the cannabis industry, everything seems a bit upside down until you get the feel of it (which many of us in the industry hope to capture someday). The rules are still being written while the generation-old quasi-legal commercial sector continues to go through boom and bust cycles associated with adolescent industries.
  • Your story is crucial to the collective understanding of your team, your organization and your industry. Meaning, it still takes an extra step to commit to a career in cannabis. Your “why” and how it is articulated and processed by those around you is part of the connective tissue holding the whole thing together. Socializing your motivations while using both ears to understand the “whys” of others is a critical pathway to professional accomplishment and might I say contentment.
  • This is true for most industries – not just weed. In his latest New York Times column which previews upcomingbook How to Know a Person, The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen, David Brooks writes that “if I can shine positive attention to others, I can help them blossom.” That’s not only supremely stoney thinking (the good stoney) from the man who inspired many to climb their second mountains, but is also an approach for advancement in our complicated, segmented, tantalizing and federally illegal line of work.

So, beginning next week, Grown In will publish twice-weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tuesdays will be weekly news and insights for cannabis industry professionals and canna-curious observers. Thursdays will be more career and professional development-oriented, and will include a few curated listings that may ultimately be the match for you. 

As Grown In is a social enterprise through this newsletter and via LinkedIn and of course our in-person events (stay tuned for more), we invite you to share sparklingly hot jobs with your organization that may be of interest to our doobie diaspora. Like everything in this space, we anticipate Grown In’s Careers in Cannabis column to evolve over time.

Speaking of collaboration…a pillar of the Burn ‘Em Plan

Collaboratively learning how to pioneer pot distribution channels with other stakeholders of the cannabis industry is a core recommendation of The Burn ‘Em Plan, which will be showcased in practice at 1871 in the Merchandise Mart in Chicago on Thursday, November 16. As part of the Cannabis Innovation Lab Community Kick Off event, participating attendees will be called upon to contribute their recommendations as to how we can collectively build a greater industry for all. 

Confirmed panelists to discuss cannabis, capital and precedents of public-private partnerships  include Ameya Pawar of The Economic Security Project and Okay! Cannabis, Michael Sachaj of Hyde Park Angels and others. A certain former venture capitalist turned governor with the same first two initials as this columnist has been extended an invitation (and his people are checking his schedule).

Speaking of upcoming Grown In events

Have a good feeling in Wheeling

We are doing canna-cart wheels as we are pleased to announce our year-end celebration at Okay! Cannabis in Wheeling, IL about an hour northwest of Chicago. The invitation-only event and product showcase and consumer assessment experiment will be held at Okay Cannabis on December 7. It also coincides with Grown In’s 4th birthday. No gifts (except for samples…). 

Wholesaling early and often

At the request of dozens of newly licensed Illinois social equity dispensary, infuser and craft growers as well as established cannabis corporations seeking to develop commercial relationships with them, Grown In will hold its next Illinois Cannabis Business Conference on January 11 at The School House in Chicago’s near north neighborhood. Looking to get involved as an attendee or corporate sponsor? Ping Marcy Alspach at Grown In ( 

Want a Grown In wholesale event in your state? Contact Brad Spirrison ( to make it happen. 

We’re in Business!

If you or your organization seeks greater understanding of and expansion within the complicated cannabis sector, talk to Grown In. Corporate Sponsorships for Grown In events, initiatives and 2024 Editorial Calendar are available today. To check out our new media kit or get a peek at our 2023-2024 Editorial Calendar, contact

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Brad Spirrison is a journalist, serial entrepreneur and media ecologist. He lives in Chicago with his son. Interests include music, meditation and Miles Davis.