This time it’s different, right?

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

After passing the U.S. House of Representatives seven times before ultimately stalling in the U.S. Senate, the SAFE(R) Banking Act – which re-risks federally-insured financial institutions from banking the federally-illegal cannabis sector – appears to be on the verge of passing the Senate


However, for the first time this legislation – which can do for the cannabis industry what the 1996 Telecommunications Act did for the Internet – must pass a House of Representatives run by a republican party not historically keen on reefer. 

“The house will be an upcoming challenge,” explained Cresco Labs CEO Charlie Bachtell, who also chairs a leading industry advocacy group focused on federal and state cannabis policy. 

At least for as long as the federal government is operational in 2023, cannabis will be on the table as an issue. Combined with the August 30 letter from The Biden Administration’s Department of the Health and Human Services to the Drug Enforcement Agency advocating rescheduling cannabis from Schedule 1 (no medicinal value) to Schedule 3 (validated benefits), the cannabis industry has had tailwinds not felt since the first half of 2022. 

At the very least, the potential for regulatory relief is serving as a smelling salt for beleaguered cannabis investors, executives and entrepreneurs smarting from the evaporation of 75 percent plus of their publicly traded and / or private equity-marked valuations during that time period. 

Funny how quickly smelling salts can revert to sugar highs, however. 

After nearly 18 months of a draught in doobie deals, venture capitalists – buoyed by rising share prices of the dozen plus publicly traded cannabis corporations in the U.S. – are whipping out their checkbooks saying they are focused on “value deals”. New money at valuations a fraction of what they were two years ago is being dispensed by early-stage institutional investors, family offices and canna – curious individuals believing we have hit bottom.

One precocious associate at an institutional VC with a position in Dutchie – a dispensary software provider in fall of 2021 was valued at $3.75 billion – still can justify a value north of $2  billion.

We shall see. In any event, the next six weeks should be an exciting or at least healing time for many industry veterans and new to the scene cannabis professionals who can afford to exhale and remind themselves of what that feels like. 

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The full 75-minute conversation between Cole Preston and Brad Spirrison – where they discuss J.B. Pritzker’s Bezinga address among other post-conference highlights can be found here

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