Following two of our most popular articles on banking and payments for cannabis, not many readers were interested in responding to our cannabis payments survey. A paltry thirty-three people completed the survey. But while the survey was far from scientific, it provides some interesting anecdotal evidence.

First, a vast majority of responders, 88%, were somewhat or definitely likely to switch to a mobile payment option if one was offered. The most important features? By weight, “handling” and “convenience”, closely followed by “security”.

Among the features survey respondents provided for a payments:

“I prefer privacy living in a small town. Bankers gossip and pass judgement in small towns.” 

“Given that I still buy on the underground market, I always pay cash. If my regular vendor switched to PayPal, for example, it would be more convenient, but I’m not 100% sure I’m down for creating an electronic record of these kinds of transactions.”

“It has to function well. It also has to have perfect user experience. It has to be conscientious of privacy security, like a credit card.

“Cash is king baby. Would prefer not to be tracked. Issue is more for the dispensaries, not the consumers.”

A complete copy of survey results can be downloaded here.


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