The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services released a list of 29 deactivated marijuana licenses Friday, after Grown In inquired about a chart posted on the agency’s website in late January, and then taken down. The list includes nine revoked licenses, ten merged licenses, and ten surrendered licenses. DHSS did not explain why licenses were revoked.

The agency charged with overseeing the state’s medical marijuana program posted a chart on their website on January 21, 2021, titled, “Medical Marijuana Facility Licenses/Certifications Surrendered vs. Deactivated” that showed 9 surrendered licenses and 14 deactivated. The chart was taken down a few days later.

The chart, “was a draft document mistakenly posted in a batch of other documents a few weeks ago. We haven’t finalized a chart for this information to repost,” said DHSS spokesperson Lisa Cox on Friday.

“We have issued licenses when there is an opening,” said Cox, but she did not provide examples of newly awarded licenses. Updated lists of license winners can be found on the DHSS website, but the list lacks award dates.

Below is a list of the deactivated licenses.


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