Missouri cannabis patient data reported by Grown In was incorrectly reported as registered patients, where in actuality that data reflected patient applications. A new graph accompanying this article reports correct Missouri registered patient totals. 

This difference becomes increasingly important as totals aggregate over time. For instance, by April 2021, Missouri’s patient applicant total had reached 136,000, whereas the total registered patients was 97,315.

This error, pointed out by a diligent reader, was entirely of our own making and would have been avoided if we had looked at the printed material produced by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, the state agency responsible for cannabis regulation. 

Grown In regrets this error and will use the occasion to double down on fact checking and reporting diligence.


Editor Mike is a co-founder and the editor of Grown In, a U.S. national cannabis industry newsletter and training company. His career has taken him from Capitol Hill to Chicago City Hall, from...