Thirty-eight cannabis licenses have been revoked by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS), according to a department spokesperson. That’s nine more since March, the last time DHSS reported license revocations to Grown In. 

“License openings are currently being filled via our authority to settle appeals,” said spokesperson Lisa Cox, when asked how the revoked licenses are being redistributed.

In April, DHSS sent a guidance letter warning, “that extensions beyond September 30 are very unlikely to be approved”. Asked if this means licenses not in operation by October 1 will be revoked, Cox declined to set a hard line on revocations. “We take each request for a variance on its own merits. Whether license is revoked for failure to meet its extended deadline will depend on that licensee’s particular circumstances,” she said.

Thus far, the revoked Missouri licenses include four cultivation, three dispensary, two manufacturing, one testing, and five transportation licenses.


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