Missouri, a state with less than half the population of Illinois, is on track to overtake the Land of Lincoln in the number of registered medical cannabis patients. As of April 30, Missouri, with a state population of 6.1 million, reported exactly 136,000 registered patients, up a stunning 13,477 from the month before. Illinois, with a state population of 12.7 million, has, in contrast, stayed relatively level in the number of patients, at 156,244, up just 1,259 from the month before.

An important difference between Illinois and Missouri is that the former state is maintaining a robust, legal recreational cannabis market, selling $114.9 million of weed in April 2021 alone. Illinois’ medical market sold only $35.3 million last month, while Missouri reported $8.8 million in April sales.

However, Missouri’s patient registration numbers continue to climb, despite reported supply shortages at dispensaries, some of which run out of supply by mid-week. Anecdotes abound of dispensaries unable to offer a full range of product, as there are only 21 of 60 licensed cultivators operating, and 13 operating manufacturers.

Illinois also has only twenty-one cultivators, but each location is allowed up to 220,000 square feet of indoor grow space for recreational grows, while Missouri cultivators are limited to 30,000 square feet of indoor or outdoor canopy space.


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