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Michigan now has almost three times more active legal cannabis cultivation licenses than it did just seven months ago. As of July 31, there are 906 active cultivation licenses for 308 companies, compared to last December with 327 licenses for 205 companies according to data collected by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency and analyzed by Grown In. You can download a complete list of licenses here.

[Compare against our December grower report.]

Michigan operates two separate tracks for medical and adult-use licensing, so many companies obtain both medical and adult-use licenses for the same location. The state also allows license “stacking” where a grower can obtain multiple “Class C” licenses, which allow up to 2,000 plants per license. The state also offers Class B, for up to 500 plants, and Class A, for up to 100 plants. 

The largest growers are:

  • Green Peak Industries, LLC/Skymint led by Jeffrey Radway, with 30 licenses awarded.
  • Colorado-based LivWell Enlightened Health operated by John Lord, with 25 licenses awarded.
  • Attitude Wellness/Lume Cannabis Company led by Douglas Hellyar with 22 licenses awarded.
  • MPM-C Marshall LLC/Common Citizen, owned by Ontario logistics magnate Steve Ondejko, with 21 licenses awarded
  • Pure Green, LLC, led by Stephen Goldner, who also founded cannabis tester Pinnacle Lab, with 19 licenses awarded.
  • R&H Investment Holdings LLC with 18 licenses issued last May. 
  • AEY Capital LLC/Gage Cannabis, operated by Dave Malinoski, with 14 licenses.
  • Candid Labs LLC, led by Ramon Hana, with 13 licenses issued last May and June
  • Tycoon I Operations LLC with 13 licenses. This company is connected to Canadian company Brandt Agricultural and Los Angeles real estate investor Heller Holdings.
  • Kula Farms LLC/Red Arrow Farm with 13 licenses.
  • Compassionate Advisors – Pinconning, LLC/Pincanna with 13 licenses awarded, operated by Steven Schafer.
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