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The Illinois Capitol in Springfield. Nothing happening here. Credit: Mike Fourcher / Grown In

Illinois legislature fails to create new licenses

A great deal of anticipation led into last weekend’s two-day lame duck session of the Illinois legislature for plans to create more dispensary licenses. But it appears those plans went right into the buzzsaw of politics, as the Illinois House Democrats struggle with a fight over who should become the next Speaker. The current Speaker, Mike Madigan, has held the position since 1983, with only a two year interruption in the 90’s when the Republican’s controlled the chamber.

While the Legislative Black Caucus pushed for creating more licenses, their plan for police reform got top billing, pushing cannabis aside. House Democratic Caucus Chair Kathleen Willis, was another prominent leader pushing for cannabis, but she has likely been distracted by her campaign to be elected Speaker.

Voting among the members started Sunday evening to elect a new speaker, but 19 of the 73 House Democrats have publicly pledged to never vote for Madigan, leaving him short of the 60 votes needed to become Speaker. The deadlock could last weeks, and with that, more delays to fix Illinois’ cannabis license problems.

Michiganders can now obtain advice on getting dogs high

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a bill that officially allows veterinarians to consult with pet owners about THC and other cannabis-related treatments.

House Bill 5085, originally introduced by Rep. Gregory Markannen, passed unanimously in December. When surveyed in 2018, most veterinarians in the state acknowledged a familiarity with bemp-based treatments, but felt they did not have enough resources to inform treatment recommendations.  

Wana launches in Missouri

Boulder, Colorado-based edibles company Wana Brands are now available to Missouri’s medical marijuana license holders, reports Greenway Magazine.

The company inked a deal with Kansas City-based cannabis manufacturer Clovr to get into the Missouri Market. Wana, which BDS Analytics in 2019 listed as the number one edibles brand in the United States, is also available in Illinois and Michigan. 

Labor contract approved for workers at Cresco’s Joliet cultivation facility 

More than 180 workers at the Joliet cultivation facility of Chicago-based Cresco Labs as of December 31 have a new labor contract.

Represented since last January by Local 881 of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, the Cresco employees obtained higher wages, better benefits, lower insurance costs, and greater access to product discounts.

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