Michigan reduces license fees

This week Michigan regulators announced significant decreases in cannabis license renewal fees starting October 1, sometimes dropping fees by tens of thousands of dollars for certain licenses. For instance, Safety Compliance Facility licenses, also known as testing laboratories, previously had to pay $25,000 to obtain a license and about the same amount to renew every year. Now, that license fee has been eliminated by the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA).

License fees have been reduced because, “regulatory costs are now spread across more payers into the marijuana regulatory fund,” said a bulletin released by the MRA.

Almost all license types saw a fee decrease. Transporters and processors also saw major decreases, from $40,000 to and $25,000 respectively, to $12,000 and $7,500 respectively.

Illinois planning to issue more craft grow and infuser licenses

While the Illinois Department of Agriculture confirms that all craft grow, infuser, and transportation license winners have been notified, the agency is planning to issue more licenses this year.“The Department will be issuing up to 60 additional craft grower and up to 60 additional infuser licenses before December 21, 2021,” department spokesperson Krista Lisser told Grown In. “Applicants who previously submitted applications for craft grower and infuser licenses that did not receive a Notice of Award may still be eligible to receive one of these additional licenses and should continue to monitor their emails and the Department’s website for additional updates. At this time, the Department is not accepting new applications for those additional licenses.”


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