Mazie Harris, attorney for and member of WAH Group LLC, which won two licenses in today's Tied Applicant Lottery. Credit: Zoom / Cook County Circuit Court
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Part 10 of 12 in the series Illinois’ Dispensary Licenses in Court

One of the two plaintiffs in a Cook County Circuit Court case holding up 185 dispensary licenses from being distributed to winners of three Illinois dispensary license lotteries has told Grown In they are bowing out of the case. WAH Group LLC, led by attorney Mazie Harris, who has been arguing a case against allowing veterans points in application scoring, won two licenses in today’s Tied Applicant Lottery, and as a result, no longer has standing to pursue the case, says the attorney. Harris is also a co-owner of the group that won the two licenses.

“The WAH Group is happy with the results of today’s lottery,” said Harris in an email sent to Grown In this evening. “Given today’s lottery results and the Judge’s ruling on August 9 and August 16, WAH does not have standing to pursue the constitutionality of the veteran points and it would not be in their best interest if the veteran points are ruled unconstitutional.”

Robert Walker, the attorney for the other plaintiff in the case, Haayyy LLC, declined to answer if his team will continue the case. “No comment at this time,” said Walker.

The WAH Group v. IDFPR case resulted in an emergency order issued by Judge Moshe Jacobius on July 27 that allowed Illinois regulators to conduct three adult-use dispensary lotteries, but barred the state from transferring the licenses. On Monday, Judge Jacobius suggested the lotteries might have to be redone if veterans points are barred as a result of his ruling. Mazie Harris has conducted almost all of the plaintiffs’ oral arguments in court.

If WAH Group LLC and Haayyy LLC both drop the case, license lottery winners will probably receive their licenses free and clear. The 185 licenses, have each been estimated to be worth around $2 to $3 million on the secondary market.

Judge Jacobious set August 30 for the next hearing, when he would likely rule on whether or not veteran points would stand.

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