There are 1,042 active medical and adult use cannabis retailers in Michigan, according to data from the state’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency.

Some of these licenses overlap in the same location, for example a retailer that holds both a medical and adult use license. These numbers do not include prequalified applications that do not have an active location. 

The cities with the most retail licenses  – at 50 each – are Ann Arbor and Bay City, tied for first place. Next is Battle Creek with 48 retail licenses, followed by Lansing with 42 licenses and Kalamazoo with 40.

The companies with the most retail licenses are: Lume Cannabis Co. (64); Skymint (32); JARS Cannabis (24); 3Fifteen (16); Gage Cannabis Company (16); Joyology (14); New Standard (14); The Fire Station Cannabis Co. (14). Gage has been acquired by TerrAscend. 

There are 65 cities with fewer than two retail licenses. They include: Addison, Beaverton, Burr, Clio, Escanaba, Germfask, Hanover, Ironwood, Lincoln Park, Memphis, Michigan Center, Millington, Oxford, Paw Paw, Three Oaks, Webberville, and Republic.

The cities with the most retail licenses that are allowed to deliver cannabis are: Ann Arbor with 42 licenses that deliver, Bay City with 30, Battle Creek with 22, and Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, and Lansing each had 18 licenses. 

There are 440 medical and adult use retailer licenses that are set to expire in 2022 and 602 medical and adult use retailer licenses that expire in 2023.