Illinois and Michigan cannabis regulators reported record high 4/20 sales, combining for roughly $25.85 million in total revenue for the day between the two states and exceeding the previous two years’ sales totals. Advocates in both states profess that sales will continue to rise as people warm up to the use. 

Sales continued to climb in the past three years for the two states, with Illinois reporting $10.3 million in sales revenue on the 4/20 holiday, according to data shared by the state’s Cannabis Regulation Oversight Office. Over a 10-day period beginning on Apr. 14 and ending Apr. 25, total sales revenue of adult and medical sales reached $59.7 million – an increase of 12% – and the number of sales transactions in the 10-day period around 4/20 increased by 21% from last year.

Pamela Altoff, executive director of the Cannabis Business Association of Illinois, said that the public’s perception of cannabis becoming more positive overtime has helped, which has made other communities in the state choose to opt in after initially rejecting it such as the towns of Roselle and Round Lake, Ill. A recent YouGov poll said that most Americans have tried it at least once with two-thirds of them saying they had a positive experience.

“We’re delighted to see the progression of a normalized acceptance of the use of cannabis,” Pam Altoff said. “Users understand there is a responsibility to act appropriately. We’re seeing more acceptance and not seeing people irresponsible with their use. People were scared of having it in their communities in the beginning, but now more are beginning to opt in.”

Michigan also posted a new high on 4/20 as well, with $15.5 million in adult use and medical sales for the day, a 45% increase from last year, according to state regulators. The increase comes despite a continuing steep price drop impacting cannabis companies, the lack of adult use sales in Detroit for more than two years, and two large-scale recalls last year, including one from Viridis totaling $230 million.

Andrew Brisbo, executive director of Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency, reports that consumers bought 2.3 tons – roughly 4,600 pounds – of flower on 4/20, with 140,000 vape cartridges sold compared to only 40,000 last year.

George Birkho, executive director of Michigan Caregivers Association, believes that sales and interest in the industry will continue to surge as the stigma of it has decreased over time.

“There’s been a lot of closet smokers. People aren’t afraid of losing their jobs or being judged for it. There is a cultural change around it and the people who are thought to use it.”

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Trey Arline is Grown In’s Midwest Reporter. He was most recently with the Daily Herald, but has also reported for Vegas PBS, The Nevada Independent, and the Associated Press.