With limited equity capital available for newly licensed operators and cannabis technology startups, there is no room for making errors when it comes to pitching investors. Here are a few key tips experienced professionals have to help you powerfully present your company to secure new funding.

Believe in Yourself

The cannabis space is interesting because you have this regulatory overhang. If you’re looking for new investors and new entrants to the market, you have to figure out how to cut through that noise. It’s a game about probability for returns and predictability. You have to believe you will be a winner in this space and tell a story that will differentiate you as a winner.

Al Grace, Co-Founder, Loop Capital

Show Your Knowledge, Experience, and Distinction

We look for three things, the people, the story, and the financial model. All of those things are available to any entrepreneur. You don’t need to have a Wall Street background or anything like that. There are templates available on the Internet for this

Patrick Barry, CIO, Granite Hall Partners, Inc

Present a Realistic Financial Plan

Being able to show investors what their return on investment is going to be is a big part of convincing them of giving you the money.. Understanding that and having a plan that is reasonable about its assumptions. Add on top of that the regulatory overlay of cannabis, and thinking about things ahead of time even before you have the license is critical. You don’t want to shoot yourself in the foot with stupid mistakes.

Sulee Clay, Partner, Green Equity Collaborative

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