Cannabis legalization has been sweeping across the United States, with more and more states adopting medical and recreational cannabis programs. Illinois is no exception, having legalized cannabis for adult use in 2020. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, it’s important to ensure that industry professionals have access to high-quality education, information, and networking opportunities.

That’s why CBAI (Cannabis Business Association of Illinois) and Grown In are collaborating to deliver education, information, and networking opportunities for the purpose of advancing the Illinois cannabis industry for all. This collaboration is an exciting development as it brings together two organizations that are dedicated to supporting the growth and success of cannabis businesses in Illinois.

One of the key benefits of this collaboration is that CBAI members in good standing will receive 10% off Grown In Enterprise Learning Package, which includes Illinois Responsible Vendor Training (RVT), a requirement for all cannabis industry employees in the state. In addition to this essential training, members will have access to other professional learning topics that adhere to Illinois Department of Finance and Professional Regulation guidelines for professional learning.

CBAI members will also get a 10% discount on custom learning/consulting and gain access to a growing library of learning experiences we’re developing. These include curated and guided modules developed for the Cannabis Innovation Lab, which is a program that helps cannabis entrepreneurs and startups develop their businesses. Topics covered range from business planning and market research to fundraising and legal compliance.

This collaboration between CBAI and Grown In is a win-win for everyone. CBAI members will have access to high-quality education and training, which will help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Grown In will be able to reach a wider audience and help more people learn about professional cannabis opportunities.

Most importantly, this collaboration will help advance the Illinois cannabis industry overall. By providing education, information, and networking opportunities, CBAI and Grown In are helping to create a more professional and sustainable landscape that benefits everyone involved, from business owners to employees to consumers. Through working together, our two organizations are helping to create a more knowledgeable, supportive, and successful industry.