Dispensary33, which began selling medical cannabis in Chicago five years ago and as of January 1 also sells to recreational consumers, is asking customers to show common sense and compassion when purchasing product in this new era of social distancing.

The store, based in Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood (the owners hope to open a second location in the West Loop), issued a public service announcement of sorts via social media and an email to its community. 

The headlines…  

  • A pre-ordering system is available to limit touching while in the store.
  • Patients with weak immune systems should have authorized care-givers do their shopping for them.
  • Recreational consumers feeling under the weather should send a friend or hold tight until they are better. Sanitizer is on hand for those with a sniffle.
  • Drink your fluids and smoke your veggies. 
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Brad Spirrison is a journalist, serial entrepreneur and media ecologist. He lives in Chicago with his son. Interests include music, meditation and Miles Davis.