GETCO vet Mike Blum leaves Goldman Sachs to run technology for PharmaCann while Linda Marsicano of Green Thumb Industries nails it during the NBA All Star Weekend. (Images from LinkedIn)

Cresco Labs Hires former Pfizer, Walgreens, Molson exec as Chief Commercial Officer

Cresco Labs created the position of Chief Commercial Officer while hiring computer packaged goods veteran executive Greg Butler. While at Molson – Coors earlier last year, Butler worked on the HEXO line of cannabis-infused beverages.

On March 6, Cresco will seek neighborhood approval to move its Wrigleyville Sunnyside dispensary from its current location to the site of the old John Barleycorn’s at 3524 N. Clark St.   

PharmaCann hires former Goldman and GETCO exec as tech chief

Privately-held PharmaCann just hired an old trading partner to run its technology. Mike Blum, previously of Goldman Sachs and GETCO, joins the company, which will open a number of Chicago locations in the coming years. While at GETCO, Blum worked with PharmaCann investors Dan Tierney and Stephen Schuler. 

Grassroots Cannabis inches closer to official sale to Curaleaf

After it was announced in July that Grassroots Cannabis would be acquired for $875 million from Mass.-based Curaleaf, the companies continue to finalize regulatory and related details associated with the transaction. It appears one more hurdle has been cleared. The deal is expected to officially close sometime this Spring. 

GTI tells USA Today at NBA All Star Game that cannabis de-stigmafication is FANtastic

It’s a bit of a slam dunk to positively promote the correlation between cannabis and the National Basketball Association while the league’s All Star Game and festivities were hosted in Chicago last week. 

GTI’s media relations director Linda Marsicano did it with authority during an interview with the USA Today. 

“The stigma of cannabis use is dramatically decreasing,” she said. “So many people know someone whose quality of life has been dramatically improved by cannabis whether it’s someone with cancer, PTSD, chronic pain or many other conditions. Certainly visiting a state where cannabis is legal allows people to visit a store and learn more about cannabis and ways it can improve their well-being.”

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