The Connecticut Social Equity Council during its April 6, 2022 meeting.

The Connecticut Social Equity Council voted to allow five prospective cannabis operators earlier this week to resubmit their applications amid lawsuits contesting previous status denials from the Council.

Connecticut’s SEC held a special meeting on Sept. 26, during which chair Andrea Comer noted that the council had decided to give failed cannabis license applicants a second chance based on legal advice following lawsuit challenging the council’s denial of numerous applications based on ownership and management assessments of aspiring cannabis license holders.

The move came amid legal advice lawsuits against the SEC from prospective license holders challenging their denials of social equity status.

The new ruling allows applicants to resubmit their applications with clarifying information about the operational and management structures. The ruling creates a new opportunity for existing applicants, though the 10-day limit for applications makes it difficult for successful venture.

When reached for comment, at least one of aspiring operator said he was grateful for the new opportunity, while also noting that the 10-day time period makes it difficult for him to move forward.

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