Michigan’s legal cannabis sales have yet to surpass last July’s $109.5 million peak while Illinois’s sales met what seems to be a seasonal February drop, and Missouri’s nascent market keeps steadily chugging upward.

Medical cannabis sales also met their peak in Michigan last July, at $52.1 milion, reporting just $38.1 million last month. Recreational dispensaries have been making up some of the difference since then, climbing from $57.4 million to $67 million during the same period. In February 2021, Michigan reported $105.2 million in total legal cannabis sales.

Illinois dipped below its January and December sales numbers last month, for a total of $110.3 million. Legal cannabis sales in Illinois dipped in February 2020 also, after the state’s first month of legal recreational use.

Missouri, which reported 60 operating dispensaries last week, still has only 17 operating cultivation sites, out of a total 60 licensed. Last month Missouri dispensaries reported $7.1 million in sales.


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