MichiganAnn Arbor, December 14, 2022
Grand Rapids, December 15, 2022
MassachusettsWorcester, January 18, 2023
IllinoisChicago, March 2023 
Champaign, March 2023
New YorkNew York City, April 2023 
Syracuse, April 2023

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How do I learn about my pre-scheduled meetings?

A week before the meeting, we will provide you with meeting times with cultivators. Those cultivators will also be provide your company information, so they will be expecting you. If you or your team is unable to attend a meeting, please let us know in advance so we can cancel and notify the cultivator.

What information can we expect to get about cultivators and sponsors?

At each event attendees will receive a list with contact information for cultivators and sponsors attending the event.

What about parking and hotel space?

We will provide parking suggestions and preferred hotel information for each location. In some cases discounts may be available.

Further questions? Email Mike Fourcher, mike@grownin.com